Case consultations

As a case consultant or mentor, I specialize in “difficult” cases and “difficult” clients, including clients with personality disorders. Consultations are conducted in face-to-face meetings as well as via email and/or telephone. My goal is to help to guide you towards looking at your case in a way that will allow you to shift the apparently difficult work in a deeper, more 'soulful' direction.

My primary method is to help you to soften your focus on your client's problems, however compelling they might be. I ask you instead to focus the bulk of your attention on your direct experience of the client-therapist relationship, and on your own role in the relationship. My ultimate goal is to help you to see that by deeply understanding your own part in the client-therapist relationship, it's unnecessary ever to find yourself working with a client or in a therapy that stays difficult for very long. Please note: Responsible clinical supervision can't be based on remote communications alone. So if you are a therapist outside the San Francisco bay area and you feel, for whatever reason, that you need direct supervision on a case, I suggest that you find a trusted, local senior professional to work with you in that capacity.

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